The short answer is yes, you will have options… Pricing is essentially on a per-image basis, so you will only get to use the images that you pay for. But you will have a variety of images to choose from following the session.

Prior to the session we will have a discussion about how the images will be used and what you think you might need. During that discussion will make a plan for the session to efficiently get you what you need.

During the session we will create a number of different images of your product using a combination of positions and angles of the product itself, lighting angles and techniques, and possibly using different backdrops that best fit the intended use of the images.

Note that the number of images we make during the session will be influenced by the package you booked, the number of images you think you need, and the angles (or “looks”) that you had in prior to the session. If it becomes clear during the session that there may be some better options we will shoot those too.

You will be able to review the images from the session in an online proofing gallery and choose the one(s) you actually want to use. Your final selected images will be individually retouched as required to remove dirt, grime, dust spots, and other blemishes. Background removal is also included in the basic fee if required.