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About Calgary Product Photography

Calgary Product Photography is a subsidiary of Riverwood Photography that is dedicated to providing high quality product photography for corporate and industrial clients, retail stores, small business owners, and entrepreneurs of all sizes to use on their websites, social media campaigns, product documentation and pcakging, and print marketing materials. We also do a lot of photos for use on ecommerce websites like Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, and more.

Note that through Riverwood Photography we can provide you with a complete range of photography services of all of your people, places, and things. This site is specifically focused on product photography for you to use to highlight the products that you manufacture or import for sale on your website, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else that you need great marketing photos. If you have a product for sale then you need great images that show off that product in it’s best possible light.

Product photography is a custom service and we can tailor the product to what you want or need. If you have lots of products or very large industrial equipment that you would prefer not to transport then we have a complete portable studio that we can setup in your office, warehouse, basement, or garage.

If you have smaller products or you don’t have a great place to setup a studio at your location then you can bring (or ship) your materials to us to photograph them in our Calgary studio. This is also a great option for highly reflective products (eg. jewellry) that can be more finicky or that might need highly controlled lighting setups. You can also save some money by coming to us if you only need a few images in total.

About Sean Phillips

Professional Headshot for Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips is a Professional Portrait Photographer located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sean is the owner and principal photographer at Riverwood Photography.

Riverwood Photography is a Custom Portrait and Commercial Photography studio in Riverbend in SE Calgary.

We specialize in Headshots (Business Portraits) for small businesses and corporate executives and we offer a complete range of services to photograph the people, places, and things that make your business great. We regularly work on-location or in-studio and we can travel as required to make the images you need.

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Other Services Available

Some of the services offered by Riverwood Photography are listed below. Please click on the links to see sample galleries. If you need anything that doesn’t quite fit the offering here, please contact us and we can work with you to create a package that meets your needs.

Testimonial from Product Photography Client Lisha Richardson

"Great value and efficient service for any business. We have been very pleased with Sean's work for our products and will continue to use his services moving forward. Quick turn around too when you're on a deadline!"

Ocean Sales Product Photography

Ocean Sales Product Photography

Ocean Sales Product Photography

Commercial Product Photography for Ocean Sales

Lisha Richardson