All of our final retouched image files and the original camera RAW files get backed up in at least 2 local file locations on-site and they get archived online for permanent storage using 2 independent commercial backup services.

Anything can happen, but we have never lost any clients files in the past and at this point we don’t plan to delete any of them at any point in the future. This could change, so your best option is always to maintain local storage archives of your own final retouched image files so that you always have access to them when you need them.

If you somehow lose access to your final retouched files please feel free to reach out and we can usually provide them to you in relatively short order.

If you need access to your original proofing gallery to select additional images please feel free to reach out about that. We can usually have that online for you within a day or so of receiving the request. Additional images from past sessions will be available to purchase at comparable rates to what you were charged at the time of the original session.